Lasers and Eye Damage

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Lasers and Eye Damage

PostPosted by DCNGA » Wed Oct 20, 2010 2:20 pm

Always make sure you are adequately and properly protected when you have any type of laser/light treatment. ASK your doctor if you have been given the specialized eye protection mandated for that particular laser/light device. Demand to be told the type of protetion and the specs for the goggles being used to 'protect' your eyes. All eye protection is not created equally and what may protect you for one device, may not protect you for another.

This is an excellent resource explaining the need and types of eye protection needed for various laser/light devices:

OSHA also provides certain guidelines as best/safe practice for using eye protection when having laser surgery: ... tml#Lasers

The American National Standard Institute (ANSI) Z136 series of laser safety standards covers lasers in medical settings and provides guidance for the safe use of lasers for diagnostic, cosmetic, preventative and therapeutic applications in healthcare facilities. These guidelines are considered to be the standard for safe practice in the industry and include solutions such as:

Use laser protective eyewear that provides adequate protection against the specific laser wavelengths being used. All laser eyewear must be marked with Optical Density (OD) and laser wavelength.
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