Adverse Events w/nonablative Visible/Infrared Laser

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Adverse Events w/nonablative Visible/Infrared Laser

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From 2006

J Am Acad Dermatol. 2006 Sep;55(3):482-9.

Adverse events associated with nonablative cutaneous visible and infrared laser treatment.
Handley JM.

Bloomfield Laser and Cosmetic Surgery Centre, Bangor, Northern Ireland, United Kingdom.

Since the theory of selective thermolysis was developed in the early 1980s, there have been numerous advances in both laser technology and the understanding of laser-tissue interaction. Nonablative dermatologic treatments involving laser light continue to be increasingly used for a number of diverse applications such as skin remodeling, the treatment of cutaneous melanocytic and vascular lesions, and the removal of undesired hair and tattoo pigment. Although these techniques are regarded as safe, both temporary and permanent adverse reactions do occur, many of which are thermally mediated. Little has been published on the frequency of adverse events in nonablative cutaneous laser treatments, or on the comparative efficacy of the various strategies commonly used to minimize them. Through reviewing relevant publications from the last 5 years, this article will address both these issues.
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