"Atrophy" From IPL

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"Atrophy" From IPL

PostPosted by DCNGA » Tue Sep 07, 2010 1:44 pm

Amazing...from Dr. Jeff Dover--one of the 'leading' laser docs in the country:


According to Dr. Dover, the safest technology is the pulsed dye laser, with some minor circular scarring as the worst possible long-term side effect. He cautions, however, that the infrared sources can cause significant scarring if the cooling fails even slightly. He also warns against IPL-induced permanent hypopigmentation with atrophy, especially on the neck and chest, which is irreparable. “When using these devices, you need to have skill and talent in using them. And, you must be a bit cautious when doing them.”

Further in the article he makes the following comment regarding 'non-ablative' lasers and concurrent use with fillers:

Dr. Dover is also concerned about combining fillers with non-ablative technologies. “I’m not sure it’s a great idea to irradiate the skin with infrared radiation, which penetrates relatively deeply into skin — at least to the depth of collagen — right after you inject it.” However, Dr. Grevelink explains that the two therapies can be effectively combined as long as the physician is careful. “Most of the time, the areas that I have injected with fillers are really not the areas that I target with the non-ablative devices.”
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