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If you are new to our board or just reading, please be aware that the stories recounted by our members are their truth of what has happened to THEM. It is by no means meant to indicate that what has happened to anyone here will happen to you. If you are here reading and researching a cosmetic device procedure, we hope we have saved you from even the slightest possibility that any of these things might happen to you. If you have already had a cosmetic device treatment and are reading, do not assume that any of this will happen to you. If you feel you are having some sort of reaction to a cosmetic device treatment, read through the forum and try to learn from what those here have experienced. Should you have one symptom or side-effect, you may not have any of the others. If you are early after treatment, do not panic, even though I know that what you read here can be overwhelming and frightening. What has happened to our members is frightening and overwhelming to them as well. Our intent is to inform, educate and bring to light the possibilities of what can happen and what has happened to our members.

Our experience is that if you do develop problems or any of the symptoms mentioned on this board by our members following laser/light treatments, the medical profession does not recognize them as being a result of these cosmetic treatments. The one commonality here is that all of our members have had laser/light treatments and developed these symptoms. Most of the side-effects enumerated on Informed Consent forms do not list the vast majority of the side-effects experienced by our members.

So that you will see the most common symptoms in one place I will list them below. This does not mean everyone does or will experience any or all of these same symptoms. Ask questions of our members and we will help as much as we can.

Facial/skin symptoms, experienced by some of our members but not all members. The following list is inclusive of all symptoms that have been reported by our members:

• Fat atrophy or volume loss
• Micro scarring
• Scarring
• Facial/neck sagging (to include drooping of nose, loss of facial definition, lip thinning, cheek sagging, chin sagging)
• Sores that won’t heal (normally adjacent to where laser/light was used)
• Enlarged/stretched pores
• Pitting scars
• Orange peel texture skin
• Facial dents/divots
• Malar bags (mounding/bagging under eyes)
• Dermal atrophy
• Pigmentation changes (that do not resolve)
• Eye hollowness (extreme tear troughs)
• Facial dryness, decreased oil production (some reports of increased oil production)
• Eyelash thinning

Systemic symptoms, experienced by some of our members but not by all of our members. The following list is inclusive of all symptoms that have been reported by our members:

• Muscle weakness/atrophy
• Muscle pain
• Swallowing difficulties
• Fogginess or mental clouding
• Feeling of clogged ears
• Eye fatigue, changes in vision
• Full body Fatigue
• Increased cortisol levels
• Stomach bloating
• Enlarged lymph nodes in the neck
• Thyroid nodules
• Pituitary mass
• Pin/needles feelings
• Skin dryness (full body)

Treatments that have been tried some of our members. These have helped some, but may not help everyone and are not meant to be a substitute for medical or legal advice. Always check with your own doctor and/or attorney for professional recommendations:

• Fat grafting —Does not work for everyone but has helped quite a few
• PRP (platelet rich plasma) – This treatment has only been tried by one member for her symptoms. It is too early after treatment to yet make a determination if it will help. We are hopeful.
• Medical testing (testing for vitamin/mineral deficiencies, full thyroid panel, thyroid ultrasound, elevated cortisol levels, endocrine abnormalities). These tests, depending on their outcome, may lead to further testing, scans, or MRIs.
• Supplements (There is a post in the Treatment/Modalities Section on this)
• Talk therapy has been useful to some members
• Anti-depressants and anti-anxieties have been helpful for some, others have said these were not helpful (anti-anxieties come with their own set of controversy--please research)

The following are things we’ve each learned along the way:

Our Experiences, which may be helpful to you but are not a substitute for medical or legal advice. Always check with your own doctor or attorney for professional recommendations:

• See your doctor (primary care) if you are not feeling well. Whether or not you want to tell him/her that you’ve had a cosmetic device treatment is your decision. Most here have found that it has NOT HELPED there cause to provide this information initially but it should be revealed at some point so that your doctor is fully aware. Insurance may not cover testing or treatment if it is felt that your illness or injuries are a direct result of a cosmetic procedure.

• From the doctor/spa who performed or will perform the cosmetic treatment ask for copies of before/after pictures on the day they are taken. Do not leave the office without copies for your records.

• From the doctor/spa who performed the cosmetic treatment or who will perform it, ask for copies of your medical records (No need to give advance warning or reason for wanting copies of your medical records, they belong to you. Go to the doctor’s office or spa and ask for copies to be given to you that day. Say you will wait as long as it takes them).

• It is our consensus that telling that you’ve read this information on the Internet can lead to doctors saying that this is self-diagnosis and is counterproductive to THEM (the doctor) and their treatment. Most here have been dismissed when mentioning to the treating doctor who did the procedure, or their primary care doctors what they (the patient) think is wrong. Some have been told they have BDD or are basically neurotic and were given anti-depressants and anti-anxiety meds. NONE have been told by their original treating doctors providing the cosmetic procedure that the cosmetic device was the cause of their damage/side-effects. None have been believed that the device is the cause of their problems or symptoms by the original treating doctor. As a side note: BDD (Body Dysmorphic Disorder) is a complex disorder. It is not normally or suddenly developed following a cosmetic procedure. Most post people afflicted with BDD have struggled for years. True BDD rarely, if ever, develops over night after a cosmetic procedure gone bad. Please research BDD for further understanding.

• For those who tried Retin A at the recommendation of their derms or treating doctor, it has been harmful or hurtful to their skin.

• Stay calm when speaking to any doctor about your suspicions or concerns.

This board exists to warn others and to offer a place of refuge for those who’ve been harmed. This board is not intended to frighten or scare new members. Please, do not extrapolate that what has happened to our members will happen to you . It is a warning to be careful and be proactive in taking care of your skin, face, body, and health.
"It is a good thing to learn caution from the misfortunes of others."

"If you wish to succeed in life, make perseverance your bosom friend, experience your wise counselor, caution your elder brother, and hope your guardian genius."
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