Radiofrequency Damage - how bad will it get?

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Radiofrequency Damage - how bad will it get?

PostPosted by JakeSherwood » Fri Mar 03, 2017 2:20 am

I had a series of 5 treatments with Exilis that ended 3 months ago. I have had severe fat loss, my eyes are hollowed out and my cheek bones protrude out of my face like horns. Also, my cheeks have become inverted.

I used to have a lot of baby fat all over my face. People used to tell me I was years younger than I was, now they all think I am much older than I am. I have suffered severe depression over all of this. Sometimes I don't want to live.

I have put on several pounds but no change in my face has happened.

My girlfriend says there has been no change in my face in these months after the initial loss. Does that mean it won't get any worse?

I am wondering what is the extent of the damage. Is the hyperdermis so damaged that a fat transfer is not possible?
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