Microneedling/Tretinoin and Timothy J Marten - damage

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Microneedling/Tretinoin and Timothy J Marten - damage

PostPosted by 1Bella » Tue Nov 15, 2016 9:53 pm

My damage occured more than 5 years ago due to mucroneedling and tretinoin cream.
It is similar damage to laser damage. Skin texture gets loose and ugly.
During years I was fortunately able to grow fat to my face.
However I still had the loose skin.
For many years I looked for professional who could help me to eliminate the loose skin.
Timothy Marten said he could deliver ehat I looked for.
I only needed temple lift and some cheeck lax skin elimination and lifting cheecks to original place. I was very happy to have found him.
Unfortunately he did not deliver what he promised.
He did too many things and most of them unagreed procedures.

I wish I never had heard of him.
Then I'd still have:
- grown adult neck
- no jaw bone eliminated
- nice nose shape
-no forehead reshaped
-full sensation on my nipples etc.
-roundness on my face
-no fatt carved out of my face and neck
-fat on my lips and lips not hurting

I'm very sad how he harmed me very badly.
He was supposed to be a professional.
I could take him to court. I live outside of USA thus it is hard.
Who could have known he has such a dark side.

I have tried to ask him to let me talk to the opetating room staff. He foes not let me.
He lied on the operating report.

Be careful. He is not as caring and professional as some reviews state. Bad reviews of him are deleted from sites. Hopefully this site is ethical enough to have this review of my damage journey here.
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