StayAwayFromRF's Story

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StayAwayFromRF's Story

PostPosted by StayAwayFromRF » Sun Nov 29, 2015 4:08 am

SGA / PPR - Radio Frequency laser treatment for Acne, burns

So a couple of weeks ago I went for this treatment (also called Sebaceous Gland Ablation)

I had 5 lesions/spots/stubborn acne treated.

Now I am left with deep scars. They heal and shed (4/5 day cycle) and the scar is visible again - never actually filling in or healing completely.

The nurse who performed the treatment tells me that this is due to my "lack of healing" ability as I receive caudal epidural never block injections (for a herniated disc) and that the slow release of the anti inflammatories therein are preventing me from going through all of the normal healing stages. I feel she put her probe in too deep, and either left it in too long, or had it turned up too high. Hence over cauterized (burned) the skin.

Now I am attending the clinic for Restylane Skin Booster fillers (hyaluronic acid + ...) for these areas - I've been told this is the only option, as any treatment which mechanically damages (Fraxel, Needling) the skin will not work for me (shame the nurse didn't tell me this before the other treatment!). So far (one Restylane Skin Booster treatment) I've noticed zero improvement.

I have read great things about CP (copper peptide) Serum, Super CP Serum and Super COP - for scar revision , I would really love some feedback of topicals which have worked.[/size]
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Re: SGA / PPR - Radio Frequency laser treatment for Acne, bu

PostPosted by fraxeldamage1 » Sun Nov 29, 2015 3:05 pm

Hi StayAwayfromRF,

I am so sorry you are experiencing this. It is truly a devastating experience to have such dramatic changes happen to your face when you thought you were doing something harmless. I was hoping you could explain a little bit more in detail as to why you didn't go through the correct healing stages according to the nurse. I'm not quite sure I understand. Is it because you do not go through the correct healing stages that you can't do something like microneedling to correct the damage? It has been hypothesized by many that some of us have a problem with healing which is why we didn't heal well from lasers/ipl/RF but I am interested to hear more about the medical opinion from the nurse. I was also told by the doctor that I didn't heal well but he never hypothesized why. I personally just feel the burn was too much and too deep for my body to repair. I always wonder if I had a milder treatment if maybe I would have been happier with the results. Sigh... Well we are here for you! This board is a great place to meet friends who are going through the same thing and bounce ideas off one another. Take care!
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Re: SGA / PPR - Radio Frequency laser treatment for Acne, bu

PostPosted by StayAwayFromRF » Tue Dec 01, 2015 4:20 am

thank you so much for your reply.

To be honest I doubt the hypothesis of the nurse. I feel she wants to avoid talking responsibility for burning my skin.

She tells me that because I receive anti-inflammatory injections (into my spine for lower back pain) that this results in my system "not going through the normal stages of healing"

The wounds in question tool a long time to dry out and stop scabbing. Now they are pitted, dome shaped.

The nurse has recommended Copper Peptides and Emu oil - neither have made a difference.

I have had 3 injections of Restylane - a light version, no noticeable difference.

I used small amount of Retin A - it did dry up the wounds, but didn't help in filling them in.

I have ordered a topical called Scar Esthetique - it has some impressive ingredients, so I'm hopeful it will help.

In the end I may way have to attend a Derm for some surgery :-(
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Re: SGA / PPR - Radio Frequency laser treatment for Acne, bu

PostPosted by ajapel » Tue Dec 15, 2015 5:37 am

Radiofrequency can cause fat loss to the area it was applied. I don't believe your nurse's explanation for a minute. I'm a nurse that claim is bs.
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