Destro's Story

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Destro's Story

PostPosted by hopeful19 » Mon Jul 20, 2015 1:49 am

Posted by destro » Mon May 18, 2015 1:07 pm


(first block is my pre story. Second block my laser damage)

iam 23 years old and a male, i think thats an exception here. My Skin problem started over three years. I got two red spots on my cheeks, (i got stress at this time and started to work out a lot and drink a lot of milk and proetein, maybe thats a reason) I went to my derm and he gave me a cream. That didnt help, so on i washed my face a lot that time. After a while i went to another doctor and he gave me a cream that helped. But my red turnt so red. I thought i had rosacea or something like that. Because that were exactly the symptoms. But now i know my skin was just so f**** irritated cause of all the washing with different products and creams. My pores on my cheeks, nose and forehead became huge and my skin got saggy (just this is the area i washed alle the time!). I went to another derm and i asked what i can do about pig pores. He gave me a chemical wash cream for post acne. He said you can try it. At first it looked like it has helped, but my skin got even worse! It just dried the skin over the years out! i did never use a mousturizer, cause my skin became so oily i thought i have to was the oil away, but thats was wrong descecision. My face was just dry and thats why my face produced so much oil. At least there I just should have stopped. But i was so dumb, I wish there was a time machine, and just did nothing. Last year i realized what i did an i started just to wash my face with water and use a moisturizer. It helped. But my skin was still irritated and i got easy pimples. I did go on, but i wanted my face old back. And my small pores.

I had in October 2014 my first Fraxel treatment, just to shrink my pores, who became huge after the 3 years, and to firm up my face with new collagen. I read that this is the only way for a longterm solution to reduce your pores. I did my research, but I couldnt find anything negative!! I read that the worst thing that could happen is, that nothing will happen! So i thought, why not? The first treatment was just my nose and the cheek area around. At first my skin was red and swollen. And no pores. After few days the pores came back, but not that huge. The doctor said that i will need more treatments to a real solution. So i did a second in november. I should have stopped there! but i thought, okay one more to have really good skin. It was in February 2015. I thought, okay the last time. do a full face. So on my nose, the cheeks and my forehead, she didnt treat the area under my nose, cause of my beard (best decision ever). The 3rd treatment was so aggresive to my skin (she said she had no higher settings, than before). But durig the treatment it did hurt very very much, especially on my cheekbones under my eyes. She navigated with the device very often over this area. I had very red skin and crusty wounds on my skin for over 2 weeks! It became better, but i still have light ridght skin, trackmarks, and after mabye 2 Month I noticed volume loss on my cheeks and my forhead. The difference is so big to the non treated area that i got huge bags under my eyes when im smiling. Also my skin looks gaunted and i got deep tear throughs. I got so depressed of this. If I look back at the three years I realized what i just did with my skin and how many mistakes i made. There where so many times i should stopped and it would improve. But now i think it will not improve anymore. its too late. I got now dents on my upper cheeks and volume loss. My whole expression changed. Iam hoping that my face is able to heal. Its okay when my whole face looks thinner, but just the despressions / dents on my uppercheeks (on and under the cheekbone) should fill in .. so i will not look so tired and gaunt.

okay..thats it. Thats my story. I just had to write it down. to feel better.
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