jmm13's Story

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jmm13's Story

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Posted by jmm13 » Tue Jun 30, 2015 9:38 am


This is my first time posting on any forum. I am 4 1/2 weeks post laser treatment and unfortunately the results are quite terrible. Like so many others on this forum, I had pretty great skin save for some broken capillaries and small red spots from what I was told was early rosacea. I interviewed several doctors about potential treatment. I finally settled on my doctor who was already performing laser hair removal for my chin. When I finally decided to begin treatment for my capillaries, I told her I only wanted to spot treat the capillaries before I went forward with a full photofacial. Well during my first session she told me that she couldn't really help the diffuse redness and smaller capillaries without doing a full facial treatment. She said I would be unhappy because the broken capillaries would just keep coming back. So I trusted her and allowed her to do my whole face. She even hit my forehead without my asking, there was nothing wrong whatsoever with my forehead, when I asked why she was treating that area she said for "prevention". Needless to say I left feeling a bit unsure and already rethinking my decision. The first week post, I was feeling better, my skin seemed to be responding well. By the second week I began to wake up with extreme redness and random flushing episodes. I would try and ice my skin to cool it down. Like many others, I followed her post-laser skin care instructions to a T. By the third week I noticed large and little holes all over my face, and noticed that my skin had begun to take on a thickened leathery appearance. I contacted her office and was only able to voice my concerns to her staff as she would not take my call. The staff member called back and said that the Dr. said the laser would not cause the issues I was describing and that if I was noticing large pores, microdermabrasion could help with that. Well, I was still at a loss, but had another appointment with her to finish may last round of hair removal that week. During that appointment I asked her about my face and of course she said she did not see anything, and that I shoudn't have such high expectations with one laser treatment because I was trying to erase 40 years worth of living. She then began to discuss the benefits of microdermabrasion and even suggested I try ultherapy! Apparently that is the latest device she now has. I asked her if there were any topical creams I could use to assist with better healing and she gave me no suggestions, then pushed me off on her staff to try and sell me on microdermabrasion.

Well, I tried to be proactive and go see other doctors. I have had several different responses from we don't see what is wrong, we have nothing to compare you to, you just have inflammation...etc. Ive been sent home with different creams and topical steroids. The bottom line is my skin has been damaged and the tiny little holes appear to have a scar-like texture. I look like I've spent 20 years in the sun with no protection and have aged substantially in a matter of weeks. I am truly devastated and scared. This has caused an enormous amount of stress and worry for me. My husband is trying to be supportive but I catch him looking at my face from time to time with sadness. I can't believe I did this to myself. I found this site in hopes of getting some support and suggestions. Thanks.
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