LSR999's Story

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LSR999's Story

PostPosted by lsr999 » Sun Jul 13, 2014 12:24 pm

Hi to all,

I have read all of your stories and completely empathise and relate.

My story is a long one over the last year, starting with poorly advised microdermabrasion and retinol use from a spa in UK. With very good skin at the time I really was a skincare novice and followed advice. This left me with broken blood vessels around my nose and open pores all over my nose and forehead. This ruined my summer but I actually managed to heal the pores fairly well..never completely.. with use of jojoba oil and red light therapy and was not too bothered overall and especially not about the tiny veins. The spa however, offered to zap the veins around my nose. A very young clinician showing me no consent form claiming slight darkening of vein only and no downtime, did this on the was extremely painful and instantly I could see deep denting. The clinician told me all looked ok
and hurriedly asked me AFTER to sign the form...why I did I don't know. I was house bound for days with blistering pus and scarring.

Fast forward on and at a different clinic with a reputable doctor I sought treatment of very bad cratering around nose which had massively affected
my confidence. The shock of using another laser was reassured to be OK in well trained hands. I received 2 pixel treatments, one total fx (active and
deep) and despite the cost and using up weeks of holiday to recover it was
looking a little better and certainly liveable. I should have stopped there...but at my f/up a month or two ago I asked the doctor for something without laser like a peel to finally finish everything off. He dismissed this
and recommended v beam for redness and Palomar icon for rejuvenation.
He promised no down time...and great results. I stupidly agreed and just
ensured theyd do a low setting. For me the downtime was true...a few
hours of redness and mild discomfort during treatment. However the
clinician this time did the treatment (I should've run) and did full face v beam and butterfly on cheeks and nose icon!

Four weeks out and my face has just fallen, cheeks disappeared. I see slight orange peel texture on forehead and cheeks, not yet enough to
bother me but I fear reading here thatl get worse.
I am using oils, beta glucan cream, Manuka honey and red/amber light, and taking lots of supplements..tumeric, spirulina, omega 3, zinc etc and
the texture is holding..but the fat is just gone...catching reflections of myself seems worse each day. I even wonder is the red light more harm
than good...maybe these treatments in past have added to all this fat
loss..but its the only thing I hold on to making things better.

I feel sick when I think about it and hope my story is a warning to others in this never ending crisis. I am considering looking into prp early to see if it can be slowed but alit of sources say this is a waste of money, perhaps I should just wait...please pm me if you have any advice or questions. I wish good healing to all.

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