MarieG's Story

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MarieG's Story

PostPosted by MarieG » Mon Jun 02, 2014 11:56 am

Hi There,

I joined the group about a year or so ago, but haven't posted my story until now. It's been two years since my damage and my face continues to disintegrate. I have lost most of the fat on my face. My left side is way worse with hollows and I also lost the fat between my cheek and chin, so I now look like a witch when I smile due to a very pointy chin. I used to have a round plump face and two years later I look like I am wasting away. I just had a baby this past September and despite having gained 50lbs, nothing went to my face...anywhere. I was hoping the pregnancy with increased blood and flow would actually stimulate new fat/collagen, but it did the opposite. I got my first treatment in 2012 and the records say she treated my face with a Lux G at 36-20-100. My face felt like it was on fire afterwards and she actually sent me home with ice packs. My face swelled up and continued to feel like a bad sunburn for three days. Next treatment I told her of my symptoms and she used the Lux G at 28-20-92. She sent me home again with ice packs that day, however the burning only lasted one day. Silly me was excited for the burning sensation because that meant it was really aggressively treating my Rosacea. I continued to get two more treatments. The technician (based out of a really well known's dermatologists office), had told me this was the same treatment she does on Andie McDowell (since she lives in the area) so I felt reassured. I try not to look in the mirror anymore and don't really feel like leaving the house anymore etc. Aside from the fat loss the texture of my skin has changed completely and is very thin and crinkles horrifically when I smile. Also, I should add I had IPL treatment one year prior for two or three sessions without even redness afterwards. Can anyone tell me if Lux G at 36-20-100 is abnormally high? Thanks, Marie.
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