Sashstarh's Story

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Sashstarh's Story

PostPosted by sashstarh » Mon Apr 21, 2014 8:50 am

Hello, I've been looking around this forum for the last few years. Having tried to register several times (And failing at my own fault) I am so glad to be able to post here. I have forever looked at IPL&Laserdamage forum as a place for only a selected few in the sense that registration wasn't as straight forward as any website. I just want to thank DCNGA for putting the smooth running and existence of this forum.

What I find amazing is that my damage does not involve lasers yet i'm dealing with extremely similar repercussions. For a long while I use to think, If IPL&Laserdamage every accepted my membership how would I be able to post about what happened to me, my damage seemed somewhat inadequate in comparison to laser and as I write I am still very intimidated and uncomofortable about putting my issues on the table. I really hope this post is taken well and I dont come off as superfical or undeserving of ay advice anyone can offer me. *Pheeeeew*

Guys, I believe there is hope. Sometimes I wonder if there are people out there who havent joined forums to share their success and healing post laser damage etc. There must be.

In 2010, I used a product on my face. It was for hair removal but it was more like sandpaper and the instructions said it was suitable for facial use. At this same time period I was constantly online looking at how to improve my complexion, at the time I was using Avon clear skin mattifying moisturiser and a scrub to match which made my face feel minty.

I used the "Sandpaper" on my chin, upper lip and left cheek. I used it on my left cheek for exfoliating purposes, the scrub was doing beautifull things to my skin so I thought even rougher would be better, as the internet says. What happened soon after was devastating.

X Left cheek slowly developed larger and darker indented pores (pinprick)
x Chin developed portruding pores
x Any time I tried to use the scrub, my pores would enlarge and i couldnt feel the mintyness on my skin
x My former thick eyelids became darker, and is very thin on the left side, coupled with gradual under eye hollowness
x Acne from dairy, soy, nuts, seeds and takes forever to go down, leaves scars, which ever happened before
x Extreme loss of volume in cheeks and veins on temples becoming evident
x Little bumps on lower eyelid where each individual hair is with slight ptosis on the left eye
x Every time I eat dairy, permanent pores appear on my nose
x Extremely evident smile lines
x White stretch marks on legs where I used the sandpaper
x Damage is more evident on the left side, right side has more volume, smaller pores and ok looking eye

All this began when I was 18, I'm 21 going onto 22 this year. I'ts taken four years for the damage to finally go onto my forehead which had stayed clear (except acne) from volume loss and pores this entire time until this year. I really don't come from a wealthy background so everything i've tried has been low cost fininancialy but it has taken a toll on me emotionally as i spend every day researching on my phone. I have so many bookmarks, from inflammation to hormones to CIT. I also bookmarked people who had complained of similar issues from retin a, microdermabrasion and here. All the symptoms are so similar. I've been on an up and down roller coaster thinking something would work only to find it doesn't and I'm back to square one. I've lost so much weight from having a restricted diet so im not sure if that's affecting my eyes but i don't think it is that much.

If you search for this on the forum "Little Discussed Textural Changes After Resurfacing"

I think sandpaper can be compared to dermabrasion so i'll just call it that. I read of a woman who used olay microdermabrasion kit and one side of her face sagged. I think it is so important for us to find common denominators in all of this. According to that paper, people with oily skin should not undergo resurfacing as it thins the epidermis and makes the sebaceous glands more evident. The texture damage is suppose to be permanent as too much of the epidermis has been removed but tretinoin is meant to help?

My doctor just basically gave me facial steroids, which increased acne, duac, which did nothing and tretinoin which i didn't use as I read all the damage people endured because of it. I didn't go back for years, the end of last year he gave me tetracycline for the acne which was brilliant but my family weren't happy about it. since then I've been drinking turmeric juice instead and that prevents spots. I went to a dermatologist and I cried. I cried because I was so excited to be seeing a skin specialist but when I got there she pretended as if nothing was wrong and suggested i get laser at a clinic. I have another derm appt in June, my doctor says if he cant help me then no one can and I shouldn't bother coming back basically. I've seen a plastic surgeon who recommended filler for my volume loss but I'm so scared to do it. It would take forever to save that sort of money and it wont even help the texture.

Sorry I went on a rant there but I just don't know what to do, I want to try psoria gold but I'm not sure which one to buy or if it even helps with texture or volume loss..
Any advise would be sooooooo helpful and I'll try to keep my posts here from now on.
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