Hello1's Story

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Hello1's Story

PostPosted by hello1 » Sun Jan 05, 2014 7:00 am

Here is my story , I went to have my nose to mouth line done with a filler but this made it worse so went back to they clinic suggested I had it in my cheeks ,please note that my cheeks and eyes were my best features so I was a little nervous but went for it as I was told by their doctor they use the best products, 2 days later my eyes specially the left one was very swollen I went to my GP and was told it was an edema , and this could last month’s even years so i went back and the Doctor suggested I had RadioFrequency to my face to help with the puffiness and told me they were no side effect what so ever , after 6 sessions I notice, I had dents in my cheeks , a lots of itchiness was also very present , then my skin texture become very orange peel like with a lots of little scars all over my face and hole forming from nowhere ;-(( , it is now 10 months since my last session and the itchiness still there every day , my cheeks are a LOTS worse the dents seem to be spreading downward now and my skin is turning white like my pigmentation is dyeing , I look a real mess and hate it I cant stop crying and suffer with depression , 2012 has been the worse year of my life but it looks like the damaged is still continuing and I am sooo scared as I don’t know how much longer I can deal with this . The last couple of months has been the worse the dent is so noticeable , my left eye look 20 years older then the right one and with the whiteness of the skin it looks awful, i went back to the Clinic to be told RF couldn't do this and it was more like a placebo and no side effect could occur with this device, which i know is rubbish my face has suffered from the RF and i am now paying the consequences.
I was using all sort of oil and oily based products including Emu OIl , but the doctor at that clinic told me that using oil on the face would make my oil glands stop working naturally and therefore wasn't a good idea , she suggested a few product from ZO Skin care , i have been using it for only 1 week but my skin is now super dry , so i don't know if i still should use it and go back to oil , but will try for another week and see as i am now desperate.
Can anyone help or advise me, I went to a few plastic surgeon who told me they could see the damage and the only thing might be Fat transfer , but that has also a lots of risk and I am soo scared. If anyone has something similar did it get better , worse ? Any help would be so much appreciate as I dont know what to do or who to see any more.
Thank you soo much
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