Stella's Story

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Stella's Story

PostPosted by Stella25 » Wed Nov 20, 2013 11:52 pm

I had a chemical peel last December, which was highly recommended by the spa gal (Ziba Medical Spa in Saginaw, MI). I had been going there for almost 5 years. It was a dermaceutic spot peel. Two days after the peel I was horribly burned and I called the spa....she called me back and she told me not to worry I would be fine and I believed her because I trusted her and I had never had an issue before. I should have gone to the emergency room but since she didn't seem alarmed I thought I would be ok. I did peel and afterwards my skin was crepey, lined, and just very damaged looking. Texture change, etc. My skin was not like that before the peel. Not Ever. I called her and told her something was not right and she flatly said I was just dry, to exfoliate it and she abruptly ended the conversation. Exfoliate what? Good Grief. My skin was damaged and fragile. I ended up going to a dermatologist vs. going back to her since she was not interested in giving me the time of day. He told me I may or may not improve.....and to be gentle with my skin. He said what ever you do don't exfoliate. I called her back to let her know what he said and she said she was sorry. Long story short......................I asked for my money back to buy PG to help me. The peel was $300.00 and I tipped her. She said no way and then she said what burn, she said she only had in my chart a record of my crusty chin. What in the what? That was Never even a conversation we had and she knows me well enough not to have me confused with anyone else. I requested my records and had to go to the office to sign the release. She was right in my face telling me how unfair I was being and she told me how relieved she was to see no damage. She told me my skin was fine. My skin is Not Fine. It's damaged. Call it whatever you want but it's not the skin I had. I received my records in the mail but she had the dates wrong when I called and the records were not accurate. Then if dealing with my skin, the damage, the depression, the stress, trying to find answers what will help it.....she sent a personal synopsis with the records of how I have an issue with aging and that I must have caused my own damage with all of my skin care products...really? She said I was fine when she saw me. But in this letter she wrote she attacked me said some very unprofessional horrible things. If it wasn't for women like me she wouldn't even have a job and the spa would not be in business. She should know the products I have; I bought most of them from her. So here I am almost one year later still waiting for my skin to improve. It's rough and large pored. So 1. I'm damaged, 2. She attacks me 3. My best friend continues to see her after all the damning things she wrote about me. So I've had major reflection in my life and change all the way around. I swear all these spa gals, go to training and it's called how to deflect blame and deny damage. I pray for us all and my wish for this holiday season is that we all find healing and improvement.
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