Janey44's story

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Janey44's story

PostPosted by Janey44 » Fri Nov 08, 2013 10:04 pm

Hi everyone,
About 6 weeks ago I had fraxel restore 1550 with a board certified plastic surgeon. I had the procedure for an indented surgical scar and two ice pick scars on my nose. I talked to a few different doctors, some who said I should just leave the scars alone, as they weren't terribly noticeable. I should have listened! About 2 weeks ago I noticed my skin was not healing correctly and was looking wrinkled and crepey. It also began to itch. I went back to my plastic surgeon two days ago and he said that he didn't see any difference and that I must have an "eye for fine details". The damage is pretty noticeable, especially close up. He avoided even looking at me.
The procedure was done on "a high setting" as the doctor put it, to address the scarring. I think it must have been too much for my skin. As time goes on I keep noticing more odd looking areas, and old scars that are resurfacing from a blistering sunburn over 20 years ago.
I am 34 years old and have never had good skin, but this is insane. To compound the problem I have and 18 month old baby who I am still nursing at the moment. This is not helping me in regards to hydration and makes it impossible for me try certain treatments to correct the damage. I found out after the fact I should never have had this procedure while nursing anyway. They say that hormones might cause hyper pigmentation to return. That's not my problem, but these texture issues are driving me crazy. My skin looks disgusting and leathery.
I'm trying to focus on taking care of my small children and working, but I'm quite upset. The fraxel was just done on my nose, which stands out and catches the light and is the first thing you see when you look at my skin. I ordered some psoria gold and biafine on the advice of other fraxel victims. I'm not sure about using the biafine as it has not been tested for nursing or pregnancy, but I asked about the psoria gold and that is fine.
I'm also on realself and will be updating that review as soon as there are any changes. My PS said that if there was indeed any problem with texture (duh look at me!) it would resolve by then. I've read alot of other reviews and I'm not feeling hopeful!
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