Me2's Story

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Me2's Story

PostPosted by Me2 » Fri Oct 25, 2013 11:38 am

I had an IPL two weeks ago and I regret it. My heart goes out to each and every person on here. I was emailed a Groupon offer for a Fotofacial. It was called a "lunch time peel" with no downtime. It looked like a great deal....$99.00 at a reputable medical spa with a five star rating. I am 51, but looked at least 5 years younger. I did have a brown sun spot and a group of broken capillaries next to my nose that bothered me, so I thought this would be a good way to address those problems. I did a Google search to check out both the spa and the Fotofacial. Makeupalley gave it 5 stars with nobody lodging complaints. I knew to expect a little swelling, redness, and temporary darkening of brown spots that resembled coffee grounds. My skin wasn't that sensitive, so I wasn't really worried about the procedure. It didn't hurt that much and the redness was pretty much gone by the next morning although my face still had a sunburn feel to it and was somewhat swollen. The remaining redness never went away and my skin looked and felt flushed. I never got the coffee ground effect although the brown spot did lighten up a little and the capillary turned purple and faded away. On day 7, my face was covered with tiny little bumps. I went to my dermatologist (not the Dr. that ran the medical spa) and she said that it appeared that the IPL triggerred Rosacea. She said I had hundreds of tiny whiteheads all over my face. I never had Rosacea before. She prescribed me Metrogel and an antibiotic to knock it out. I came online to see if IPL could trigger Rosacea and that is when I saw all the horror stories about IPL and became very concerned. The little bumps are nearly gone, but now I have a few larger pimples. My skin is mottled and I have new broken capillaries all over my face. My skin has an orange peel texture. Now I have four shallow dents on my face; one is the size of a quarter on my right cheek, just under the cheek bone; a smaller one is under the cheeckbone on my left cheek; a large grey/blue dent is on my nose; and I have another dent the size of a quarter on the left side of my forehead. That dent on my forehead appears to have absolutely no fat underneath it. All of the dents have crepey skin over them. This is just week two and I am so frightened!! I have another appointment with my dermatologist this afternoon....I am looking at all of my options from Hyperbaric Chambers to Platelet Plasma Therapy.
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