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Re: Burned

PostPosted by RW39 » Fri Dec 19, 2014 10:33 am

Thanks red. I just got a prescription of oracea 3 weeks ago. still hoping it works. i cant find anything that will help plump out the skin other than green smoothies, and that is only a temporary thing, and my body is getting used to it so its losing its effectiveness. my texture isn't so bad but it is getting worse, 16 months out. its the deflation that bothers me the most, and like you, i have increased breakouts, but my skin always had a difficult time healing red marks....hence why i got that stupid ipl. how long did it take for doxy to work for you?
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Re: Burned

PostPosted by redbysciton » Fri Dec 19, 2014 2:18 pm

RW: I usually see the effects of doxy w/in a week or so - I see a difference very quickly, but the inflammation also returns just as fast if I start skipping doses. It's no cure, but as long as I take it, things are somewhat under control. Whenever I think, Oh, I want to stop having to take this, or, It's not helping that much, like a dufus I stop, and then all hell really breaks lose.
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