RuinedSkin's Story

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RuinedSkin's Story

PostPosted by ruinedskin » Sat Sep 28, 2013 1:36 am

I think i am suffering from contact dermatitis by a liz earle moisturiser. a very minor problem compared to others here. but it is not feeling too good as my skin is feeling pain, irritated, itchy, dry and burning. the problem started straight after after i applied the very evil moisturiser by liz earle.. very very evil of liz earle... i have tried everything hydrocortisone, elidel, elomet and desonide but with no avail. my dr told me to let my skin heal on its own but it hurts still

i was wondering can anyone help me.. i asked him for some oral medication but he would not allow it.

my skin is very bad now i am afraid from the continuous inflammation it would age me and break down all the collagen..

good day :)
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