Laurajean13's Story

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Laurajean13's Story

PostPosted by laurajean13 » Mon Sep 16, 2013 5:24 pm

I was very pleased with Fraxel Restore, had it 2 times on the tzone area (middle forehead, nose and sides of nose) where I had significant textural issues and bad scarring from a horrible condition that went on for 7 years. That was the first earth shattering experience before I was damaged by a laser. It took three years of treatment (subcision, needling, laser, laviv) to get things looking somewhat better. I was no way as good as average, but made a lot of progress and was trying to rebuild my confidence. The area's that were scarred on my face were so bad it couldn't get worse in texture and the laser actually helped and I was pleased so I went in for a 3rd.

One thing I was happy to have through this condition was my beautiful cheeks. They were untouched by a pimple, scar, seemingly poreless and smooth like all of my face once had been. It kept me connected to my formal self and I could look in the mirror and see the "old, undamaged" me. I adamantly told every doctor there was no way I'd let them touch the cheeks with a laser. Well on August 19th I went in for my 3rd Restore and the doctor I had a trusting relationship with made a mistake and started doing the whole cheek area when he was supposed to only do a small area near the nose. I was prepared to go in for what we did the last two times and something threw him off and he said something like, "oh this skin looks pretty good" almost questioning what he was doing... which freaked me out and I said "yea you don't have to do that just by the nose!" Then I felt a swipe in the wrong direction and my mom shreaked and said "not the cheek!" At that moment he felt it was too late and said he had to "blend" it. I was mortified sitting on that table helpless feeling him ruin and burn my cheek area. In retrospect I should have screamed and got up but this happened in seconds and I was shocked. Once he did the first cheek what could I do, walk out with one left undone? The fraxel restore was on high density and 50MJ to treat my white scarring and this was going over my cheek that were smooth like a babies butt. I shook for weeks after the healing, was basically feeling suicidal after seeing how beaten they were knowing this was going to be bad. The only skin on my face that was healthy turn into a laser disaster against my will. They burned for 4 weeks in the deep tissue and are finally healing but still feel injured. The results on my cheek area are devastating. I am almost 4 weeks in and it looks more ghostly in color, grainy, full of holes microscarring and resembling a little orange peel look. It looks stripped and fractionated compared to area where I see the skin was left untouched below my eye and by the jaw. Fraxel can be great for scars, horrible for normal skin and I knew that, yet came out botched anyway. I am in shock because I knew never to do this, did my homework and was only okay risking it on skin that was unlivable to begin with. I've lost weight, can't sleep well, have nightmares, and lost hope. All while tryingt o start a very difficult semester of college. This is the first time I've had to resort to anxiety medication.

I wish these laser holes would go away, and when I shower it is truly frightening as it makes everything look worse. I've never seen so many holes and textural problems occur, and know it can only happen by a machine. I feel betrayed by the man who has helped me treat my condition for years and had no reason not to trust him. I regret letting him get near the cheek area again. Sadly I said to do it because I was thinking it might be my last time even doing laser. I am wondering how to heal from this, and I now still have a forehead that looks like ground meat, and now cheeks that look like laser textured mess. I am 24 and feel like I am going to age horribly and feel like I will never like my appearance again. I was such a cute girl and identified with my looks my whole life. Now I feel like a botched mess. Thanks for hearing me rant.
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