Topman118's Story

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Topman118's Story

PostPosted by topman118 » Sun Aug 11, 2013 11:33 am

I am a 34 year old male. About 2 years ago I started lifting weights to get into shape. I noticed small lines around my eyes so I bought aqua glycolic cream. 10% concentration at pH of 4.4. I used it for about 2-1/2 months with some success. Then things went wrong. I got back home from Chicago in late April and realized I forgot my facewash at the hotel(they sent it to me in 3 days). Being a stupid male I grabbed my wife's 10% benzoyl peroxide because it was all I had. I used it 3 times that week. By Saturday, my friends unexpectedly stopped by to take me golfing. I didn't use sunscreen because it was only 50 out and I usually never do in the spring. Within the next week, I realized something was wrong, face red, dry, huge pores, dull, kind of like melted saran wrap on my face. It never peeled, so can I rule out sunburn? I hate my life and want to feel better, but's its been a year and a half. I'm so depressed, I don't go out anymore. My skin feels thick and gross. After doing extensive research, I have found that some studies say glycolic acid should not cause sun sensitivity and some say the opposite. Even if it did, Doesn't skin always peel if sunburn was at play. Also, the product I was using is considered very very light due to the pH. Is it possible to have this gross feeling face forever? I don't know if I can go another 50 years with this feeling. Please help. If you know anything about glycolic acid, strength, pH, benzoyl peroxide, sunburn (can one bad sunburn ruin your skin for life?) Thanks again.

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