AloneinNYC's Story

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AloneinNYC's Story

PostPosted by AloneInNYC » Sat Jul 27, 2013 4:24 pm

I'm damaged by Fraxel Dual 1927
I had it 4 times to smooth out some acne scarring.
I'm a 1 year out from my first procedure and little over 2 months from my last.
I wish I found out about his forum and the horrible damages fraxel cause when I was researching.
My face is now covered in orange peel texture and lines are starting to form on my cheeks.
The skin looks aged from the repeated swelling and shrinking. my face looks like 20 going on 40.

It all started over a year ago when I asked for a referral to a dermatologist at my doctor's. I regret it so much. I had a few rolling acne scars on my cheeks and temple from teenage acne and I was having congestion problems with my pores. When I met with this dermatologist, I told her about my concerns. She looked at my face up close for 1 sec. and said "At this point, Fraxel would help with the scars How old are you?" I was 24. "I'm sure you don't want to walk around with scars for the rest of your life". She said I would need 5-6 treatment to see results. I asked her about side effects and she said " there will be swelling and redness that goes away 1 week and possibility of my skin pigmenting since I'm asian. Then I was prescribed Hydroquinone and Tretinion gel to pretreat. Unsure about the laser, I researched about fraxel online. I saw there was a high percent of worth-it review on real self. I did not see the negative reviews while I was online. All the site the shows up are how great fraxel was, etc, etc.

I trusted the dermatologist and believed I would benefit from the laser. I booked my first fraxel on May of 2012. When I arrived, the PA applied numbing cream on my face. An hour later, derm came in and lasered my whole face. I asked if I needed a follow up visit and I was told no, only to come in 1 month after for another fraxel. My face was swollen but didn't turn pink. Things looked great during the initial swelling, and all the scars were flattened out. 3 weeks later, the swelling settled and the scars reappeared. Believing the derm that my scars will improve with each procedure, I booked another appt for laser. The second time , the derm raised the power settting "to be more effective" on the scars. This time my face got pink when it was swollen. I did not think much of it because I was told the pink/redness was one of the side effects that I was told would go away. Since the power was turned up higher, I gave myself more time to heal and booked 3rd fraxel 3 months after. This time, the derm raised the setting even higher, which made the pinkess last more than 1 week on my face. In the following weeks, my skin felt very dry so I bought a humidifier thinking it was due to the weather since it was fall. Unaware that my skin was changing, I went on with my daily life. My eyes were also very dry and gets tired easily, which I thought was from working with computers all day at my job. I decided to give my face longer time heal for six months since the derm raised the laser setting. My 4th laser was on May of 2013. I was numbed for 2 hr this time which I thought was unusual. The derm later came in, looked and my face before the procedure and asked if I was caring for my skin properly. I told her yes, I was using the bleaching cream. Alarms should have been going off in my head when she asked me that question. She said "I believe you. I know you are." Then proceeded to laser my whole face again at an even higher laser setting. I don't know why she would continue to laser me if she saw that something was not right.

After my 4th procedure, something didn't feel right so I went online and searched again about Fraxel and saw a lot of negative reviews this time. The damages described online are exactly what I was seeing on my face. I am now 1 year out from my 1st laser and about 3 months from the 4th. Now, my skin looks a lot worse than before I had fraxel on my face. I will not be going back for the 5th/6th laser because I'm too afraid of damaging my face even more. Now, I have large pores/micro scarring all over my face that makes me look like I have orange peel skin. My old scars have hardened, and ended up with a lot of new scars that were not there before. Every little blemish I get on my face become a scars. My skin looks leathery from the repeated swelling and shrinking (which makes sense because if you know how animal skin is treated to become leather...). When I smile my skin looks lumpy and the larges pores would connect to make the skin look very liney on my cheeks. On top of that, my pore problems have gotten worse. I have blackheads and oil deposits all over my face. My left temple aches time to time from where the laser was repeated passed for numerous times. I notice there are small broken capillaries on my nose, under my eyes and on my cheeks when I look at my face in the magnifying mirror. I believe my eyes are also damaged as a result.

I cried so much the past few months, knowing I allowed myself to get this horrible laser. The scars on my left side of the face especially bad and looks like I'm doing drugs. I have trouble sleeping at night because, I worry about how much worse it could become. I want to cry every time I think about my face. I don't socialize with friends anymore because it's taken a big toll on my self-esteem and I no longer feel confident about myself. I can't kill myself because I care about my family, but sometimes I wish I can just go peacefully at night when I'm asleep. I'm so afraid of what other damage might show up on my face in the future. I'm only 26 years old and not ready to age 20 yrs anytime soon. My school starts at the end of the month and I don't know how I will get through my classes. This forum is the only place where I can come to cope with what has happened since my family does not see or understand what's going on. This by far is the most traumatic thing I have been through my whole life. My life will never be the same.

Please don't get lasers to those who are thinking about it. You don't know what damage will happen, until it's already done.
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