Roger's Cousin's Story

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Roger's Cousin's Story

PostPosted by rogerb20 » Tue Jul 16, 2013 8:12 am

Hello everyone,
I"m on here, researching information on behalf of a relative.
Last year she had 2 laser sessions on her face, for help with a chronic skin condition. (it was not IPL)
After the 2 treatments which were 4 weeks apart, she noticed that her cheeks and eye area seemed to becoming dimpled and the cheek area developed 2 big indentions overtime. Which i believe after reading on here is fat loss.
We live in the UK and i am trying togather information on her behalf on which direction to take next. We keep hitting stone walls everywhere we turn. The GP was not any help at all. The clinic will not return any calls etc or release the patient records as requested.
Does anyone know of good Plastic Surgeon or Dermatologist or doctor who specialises or deals with patients with this type of damage who would be able to asess the damage. She knows that this will cost money but wants a medical opinion on the damage caused before deciding what direction to take next ie fat transfer etc but even they seem to have possible side effects.
I have been reading lots of stories on here which had sadly come to late, for my cousin but hopefully will
educate other people on possible problems that may arise from having laser.
My cousin is looking first at UK doctors etc but would be happy to hear about USA surgeons, doctors etc who this deal with sort of thing.
Best regards and wishes to all
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