Assessing Thermal Damage

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Assessing Thermal Damage

PostPosted by DCNGA » Mon Aug 09, 2010 12:58 pm

This is very scientific--VERY. It seems the Taiwanese are developing a tool for determining the depths of thermal damage: ... 1/1/45.pdf

The thermal damage to dermis can be morphologically and quantitatively analyzed by mulitphoton AF and SHG imaging. Collagen and elastic fibers have different susceptibility to thermal damage and their structural changes respond accordingly. The quantitative changes are confirmed by the analysis of the ASID factor we introduce to characterize the relative changes of AF to SHG intensities. The ASID index can bypass artifacts associated with the inhomogeneous distributions of the dermal fibers and shows that the denaturation temperature of dermal collagen is 60°C. This study demonstrates that multiphoton microscopy has the potential to be developed into an in vivo diagnostic technique capable of assessing thermal dermal damage and the remodeling process associated with thermal injuries.
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