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510(k) Approval: ... m?ID=38730


Sec. 878.4810 Laser surgical instrument for use in general and plastic surgery and in dermatology.
(a)Identification. (1) A carbon dioxide laser for use in general surgery and in dermatology is a laser device intended to cut, destroy, or remove tissue by light energy emitted by carbon dioxide.

(2) An argon laser for use in dermatology is a laser device intended to destroy or coagulate tissue by light energy emitted by argon.

(b)Classification. (1) Class II.

(2) Class I for special laser gas mixtures used as a lasing medium for this class of lasers. The devices subject to this paragraph (b)(2) are exempt from the premarket notification procedures in subpart E of part 807 of this chapter, subject to the limitations in 878.9.

[53 FR 23872, June 24, 1988, as amended at 61 FR 1123, Jan. 16, 1996; 66 FR 38803, July 25, 2001]
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