Highly Technical Presentation on Eye Damage Potential/IPL

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Highly Technical Presentation on Eye Damage Potential/IPL

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Consequences of an injury There is no doubt that certain lasers can injure the eyes because of their high radiance in the aperture.
However, it is the consequence of an injury that is important rather than the fact that the eye is injured. Further calculations show that an injury in the retina, caused by a laser, has a small consequence by means of effects on the vision while, if caused by an IPL instrument, the injury can be of much larger consequence.

Page 23

At a demonstration of an IPL instrument in a clinic, a shot was fired by mistake because somebody happened to step on the foot pedal. The hand piece, with the 1×2 cm aperture, was placed in its holder on the side of the instrument, about 80 cm up from the floor.
A hole was burnt in a persons jacket.

• Conclusion:
Even though the irradiance level resulting from a laser can be much higher than from an IPL, the levels are, in both cases, high enough to
permanently destroy the cells of vision. A beam, strong enough to burn a hole in a jacket is naturally very dangerous to eyes.
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