Lasers for Rejuvenation: "Are Some People "Non-Responders"

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Lasers for Rejuvenation: "Are Some People "Non-Responders"

PostPosted by DCNGA » Sat Jan 21, 2012 4:26 pm

If you can be a non-responder, might some people also be 'over-responders' thus their skin is damaged? You would think that researchers would want to know this as well rather than worrying about how 'successful' they can say a device will be in laser rejuvenation:

From 2006: ... ersies.pdf

Could Some People be Non-Responders?

Could there be one or more temperature dependent variants in collagen and/or elastic tissue or a temperature-dependent variable in the systems responsible for the production of cytokines and other variables such as heat shock proteins such that some individuals respond well to a given thermal load administered in a standard, non-ablative treatment? Or, could apparently similar individuals have protein structures or other biological subsystems that are relatively thermal-stable with the range of thermal loads imposed during typical non-ablative treatment and so they’re poor responders?

Could there be some individuals whose recurrent regenerative processes are called into action by a moderate thermal insult of the type that we ordinarily give, while other, similar-appearing people are thermal-stable or even thermal-resistant or are thermophiles and are condemned to existence as non-responders? If the above speculations prove to be clinically relevant, perhaps some day we will have a set of genetic probes or other markers.
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