Intense Pulsed Light Safety: Legal Issues

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Intense Pulsed Light Safety: Legal Issues

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From 2011: ... ze=largest

Aesthetic Applications of Intense Pulsed Light
2011, 21-26, DOI: 10.1007/978-1-84996-456-2_3
Intense Pulsed Light Safety: Legal Issues
Lucian Fodor, Yehuda Ullmann and Monica Elman


Light and laser devices have common considerations and include hazards both to the patient and to the medical staff. The operating manual of the IPL device should be read by all personnel manipulating the device. Personnel in the treatment room should have protection against accidental exposure to the IPL, either directly or indirectly from a reflecting device. The visual hazard seems to be the main danger. Inadvertent exposure of the eyes during treatment may damage some eye structures. During treatment, wearing specially designed protective eyeglasses is important not only for the patient but also for the staff present in the room.

Due to inadvertent “advertising” of IPL or laser technologies and unrealistic expectations by the public, physicians may run the risk of being sued for the results. Avoiding malpractice lawsuits implies acting correspondingly and adapting the treatment to the patient’s needs. Informed consent for any treatment is a must. Although there are reports of informed verbal consent, written consent is mandatory in today’s litiginous society. Protection against lawsuits lies also in the ability of the physician to recognize problematic patients.
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