Website That Educates Patients re: Medical Justice

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Website That Educates Patients re: Medical Justice

PostPosted by DCNGA » Fri Dec 09, 2011 11:00 pm

If a doctor asks you to sign an agreement not to put negative reviews on the Internet, think twice if you really want to have a doctor treat you requires this type of agreement. If you're asked to sign such an agreement, stand up for yourself. Here are some great suggestions on what to say:

And if a doctor won't treat you because you refuse to sign, this tells you how to file a complaint: ... complaint/

And here are guidelines for patient's rights about these agreements: ... ur-rights/

And here is what the federal government has to say about such agreements (confidentiality in exchange for no negative reviews): ... tml#case29

Private Practice Ceases Conditioning of Compliance with the Privacy Rule
Covered Entity: Private Practice
Issue: Conditioning Compliance with the Privacy Rule

A physician practice requested that patients sign an agreement entitled “Consent and Mutual Agreement to Maintain Privacy.” The agreement prohibited the patient from directly or indirectly publishing or airing commentary about the physician, his expertise, and/or treatment in exchange for the physician’s compliance with the Privacy Rule. A patient’s rights under the Privacy Rule are not contingent on the patient’s agreement with a covered entity. A covered entity’s obligation to comply with all requirements of the Privacy Rule cannot be conditioned on the patient’s silence. OCR required the covered entity to cease using the patient agreement that conditioned the entity’s compliance with the Privacy Rule. Additionally, OCR required the covered entity to revise its Notice of Privacy Practices

And finally, a site dedicated to protecting consumers' on-line rights:
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