Cleveland Clinic Stopped Using IPL

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Cleveland Clinic Stopped Using IPL

PostPosted by DCNGA » Thu Sep 08, 2011 6:06 pm

According to this article, the Cleveland Clinic no longer uses IPL due to complications: Article Source:

While IPL devices are marketed for a variety of treatment applications, their performance levels are inferior to lasers, particularly in hair removal. Further, IPL needlessly exposes patients to some unnecessary and/or ineffective wavelengths of radiation and are lacking, by definition, the purity of treatment available with a single-wavelength laser.

Specifically, IPL hair removal treatments resulted in an increased frequency of complications and offered overall inferior results when compared to laser hair reduction.

Based on the experience at the Cleveland Clinic, they have ceased using IPL devices in their department due to the inconsistency of response between patients and even between sessions on the same patient. Another reason for the cessation of IPL use was the unacceptably high complication rates. At the Cleveland Clinic, they had far more adverse skin reactions (usually minor and transient, but occasionally serious) from IPLs than from any laser system.

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