a blurb on how a "certification is all you need"

Safety Concerns Regarding IPL, Lasers, and Other Cosmetic Medical Devices

a blurb on how a "certification is all you need"

PostPosted by cveroleyva » Sat Aug 06, 2011 5:56 pm

Since I'm over my venting and stress relieving stage, I've been having a field day looking for articles or little blurbs to share and posting, especially if it disways someone from going down the laser route of chance.
Here's a little something that I wanted to highlight, I found it on a training site forum for lasers, a training site and manual that you can study from home-just wanted to add that.

Certificate of Training, and Laser Certification testing. You’ll receive an accredited Certificate of Laser Training at the end of this course after you’ve returned your post test. That Certificates is all that most people will need.
The course may also qualify you to sit for one of the NCLE Laser Certification exams. You would download an application form from the Certification website and schedule and exam at a location near you. These are professional credentials and are not a requirement of any state or agency, and taken at your sole option. If you are going to pursue Laser Certification then you should review all of the requirements for your type of certification in the Candidate Handbook. We also generally offer those exams at the end of each of our in-person seminars as a convenience to our students.
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