Some history of similar cover-ups.

FDA Adverse Event Information, Medical Device Approval Process, and FDA Corruption

Some history of similar cover-ups.

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Love this, from the above link, youtube video.

In 1971, then Philip Morris CEO Joseph Cullman vowed to remove from cigarettes any ingredients found to be dangerous. He also sought to assure pregnant moms that smoking is safe. In fact, cigarettes can actually be good for moms, because "some women prefer smaller babies."

Also excellent site for information on lasik, FDA cover up.

Incredibly sad. Now I understand the reason for all those "dry eye" commercials for restasis, when is that commercial not on? They just keep profiting off the side affects of their unsafe approvals, don't they?

"One of the most vicious complications from LASIK is dry eye syndrome. Attorney Todd Krouner presented the tragic case of Police Officer Lawrence Campbell, who committed suicide following LASIK, in large part due to dry eye syndrome. The suicide note states: "No one understands truly my burden I carry, dry eyes, cannot light a fire, cannot stand in front of air conditioning, cannot cook without opening a window, cannot spray deodorant. The list goes on and on."

The ongoing theme that I read on behalf of the victims of lasik side affects is that....Life as you once knew it and enjoyed, is gone.

"Former CDRH chief of ophthalmic devices Morris Waxler has been waging a public awareness battle to discredit the device's approval under his watch. Most recently, Waxler appeared on CNN to challenge the safety and effectiveness of the LASIK procedure. The segment opened with Waxler saying LASIK's approval was mistaken because his review team focused on making sure there was no loss of visual acuity from the procedure and did not pay enough attention to other problems like post-procedure glare, halos and night driving problems. His examination of post-approval FDA experience reports showed that only 60% of patients were able to get rid of the glasses and contact lenses -- this, plus the level of adverse events, demonstrated to him that LASIK is "a failure."
"There's almost no risk involved," says Stephen Fanning, CEO of Solta Medical, which owns Fraxel.

The world is a dangerous place to live, not because of the people who do evil, but rather those who sit back & let it happen.
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