Device Corruption at FDA?

FDA Adverse Event Information, Medical Device Approval Process, and FDA Corruption

Device Corruption at FDA?

PostPosted by hopeful19 » Wed Mar 23, 2011 10:54 pm

Lasik Corruption at FDA?

I found this on the site lasik-flap, a board similar to ours, but who want to discontinue lasik. I'm focusing on the FDA medical device approval system, and how little it takes to approve these devices as safe. Funny, whenever I google for information connecting FDA/corruption/medical device approval/lasers, a DCNGA post always pops up in the search. ;) How is there no black and white research proof, which supports that IPL was EVER safe to be appropriately passed in the first place? Will they say, (eventually) when it can no longer be denied it is harming..... that initially the research focus was only on how the laser cleared the skin, not how far it penetrated or what damage that might cause? The system is so bogus and corrupt. Below is a six part series on youtube that originally aired on, "The Political Newstalk Network", on a show called, "American Investigator". The first link, has them all lined up, but if that doesn't work, I also attached the youtube direct links. From what I just read on wiki, those connected to the approval process of medical devices have over 206 billion reasons to be corrupt.

"The global market of medical devices reached roughly 209 billion US Dollar in 2006 and is expected to grow with an average annual rate of 6 - 9% through 2010." ... f=8&t=2914 ... dded#at=72 ... r_embedded ... r_embedded ... r_embedded ... r_embedded ... r_embedded ... r_embedded
"There's almost no risk involved," says Stephen Fanning, CEO of Solta Medical, which owns Fraxel.

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