Complications from Lasers (Ablative and Non Ablative)

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Complications from Lasers (Ablative and Non Ablative)

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From 2009:

Again, stressing the importance of using the proper eye protection depending on the laser used:

Ocular complications

These may occur via direct or indirect ocular exposure to laser irradiation. Potential damage is wavelength-specific. For example, carbon dioxide or erbium lasers (chromophore: water) damage the cornea on impact. On the other hand, 585- or 595-nm pulsed dye lasers (chromophore: hemoglobin) and several red and infrared pigment-specific lasers (eg, ruby, alexandrite, Nd:YAG) pass through the cornea and lens and damage choroidal and retinal vasculature or retinal pigment, respectively. Thus, wavelength-specific eyewear must be worn by both operators and patients.
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